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TechNetCast 1998-06-05


Reactive Animations

The vocabulary used to create and manipulate graphic animations remains hopelessly low-level and focused on presentation. Conal Elliott presents a higher-level approach that uses functional programming to model behaviors and abstract and simplify the task of constructing animations.

Conal is a member of the Microsoft Research Graphics Group. His article, "Composing Reactive Animations", appears in the July 1998 DDJ and is also reproduced here.


  • Conal Elliott's professional page
  • Composing Reactive Animations, by Conal Elliott
  • Haskell home page
  • "Haskell: The Craft of Functional Programming" by Simon Thompson.

Unfortunately, the audio recording of our conversation with Conal was damaged and cannot be used to obtain a transcript. As a result, there will be no transcript of this program. This is unfortunate but the encoded audio/video streams lives on... Enjoy. Also Conal's site offers a wealth of information on his activities as well as links to related resources.