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•XFree86 Project Status
•Sun Research Brazil Project
•XML/SOAP with Don Box
•An Interview with Kevin Mitnick
•ECHELON and the Insecurity Industry
•Larry Wall: Camel Lot #6
•The GNU Hurd
•Spiritual Robots Symposium

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Graphics are for wimps. Give me a TEXT-ONLY version of these listings. Actually, REMOVE THE ABSTRACTS and give me the raw listings (and pack more entries per page).

SD2K(e)Interview with Scott Ambler [2000-12-01] (30:00) A tour of the latest developments in software design methodologies with consultant, author Scott Ambler: UML, Extreme Programming, Rational Unified Process, ... PLAY CODEBYTES SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES SCOTT AMBLER SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT 2000 EAST

xfree86XFree86 4.0.1 [2000-11-27] (41:00) XFree86 4.0.1 introduces a mechanism for dynamically loading platform-independent video drivers. XFree86 Core Team member Stuart Anderson provides some history and technical information on the new Loadable Architecture. Talk also includes a classic State-of-the-Project status report on XFree86 4.0: features, card support, platform support, future directions. platform support, looking at XFree86 4.next, and current thinking at the time. PLAY 4TH ANNUAL ATLANTA LINUX SHOWCASE STUART ANDERSON XFREE86

SD2K(e)Interview with Elliotte Rusty Harold [2000-11-20] (30:00) Elliotte Rusty Harolde is the author of best-selling (and well-respected) books on Java and XML, including "Java I/O" and "Java Network Programming" (O'Reilly). His combined works weigh in at 5.4lbs and 6432+ pages. PLAY CODEBYTES ELLIOTTE RUSTY HAROLD SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT 2000 EAST

SD2K(e)Keeping Software Soft [2000-11-15] (50:00) by Martin Fowler. Software development is often compared to structural engineering but the comparison, argues Martin Fowler, is quite misleading. In fact, software design requirements are volatile: "We need to keep software soft we need to be able to adapt our software in a responsive way to match the volatility of changing requirements." A leading software design methodologist makes the case for lightweight development processes. PLAY SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES MARTIN FOWLER EXTREME PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT 2000 EAST

BRAZILSun Research Brazil Project [2000-11-14] (30:00) Connecting The Dots... With Stephen Uehler. The Brazil Project at Sun Research is developing a web-based infrastructure that extends the endpoints of the internet to standalone devices and provides an architecture for aggregating distributed web content. Stephen Uhler is a the Brazil Project Lead at Sun Research.PLAY JAVA SUN MICROSYSTEMS CODEBYTES INFORMATION APPLIANCES STEPHEN UHLER SUN RESEARCH BRAZIL PROJECT WEB SERVICES

microsoft language technologiesEssential XML/SOAP with Don Box [2000-11-09] (00:42) In the first installment in a series of interviews that explore the technical foundations of Microsoft's .NET strategy, Don Box discusses the convergence of traditional object models and the web. Don Box is the co-author of Essential COM, Effective COM and, most recently, Essential XML all published by Addison-Wesley). He is one of the authors of the SOAP specification. Interview by Philippe Lourier. PLAY CODEBYTES MICROSOFT, CORP. DON BOX SOAP WEB SERVICES

Philip Wadler: New Languages Old Logic [2000-11-01] (40:00) Who would have thought that the programming languages of the 21st century will be built upon foundations of logic theory from the 19th and 20th? Old ideas form the basis of advancements in functional programming. Philip Wadler is a researcher at Avaya Labs (a spinoff of Lucent Technologies). Prior to joining Avaya, he was a researcher at Bell Laboratories. PLAY LANGUAGE DESIGN FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGES SOFTWARE IN THE 21ST CENTURY HASKELL PHILIP WADLER

Neil Scott: Innovations in User Interfaces [2000-11-01] (00:30) Research advances are improving the accessibility of computers for those with disabilities, and promise to make user interfaces better for us all. Neil Scott is leader and chief engineer of the Archimedes Project at Stanford University's Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI). Interview by Dr. Dobb's Journal Senior Editor, Nick Baran.PLAY USER INTERFACE DESIGN SOFTWARE IN THE 21ST CENTURY NEIL SCOTT ARCHIMEDES

Rich Gold: Xerox PARC At 30, Inside a Research Lab [2000-11-01] (29min) A researcher at the venerable laboratory takes stock of Xerox PARC's place in the world of high-tech research. Rich Gold is a researcher at Xerox PARC and heads the Research in Experimental Documents (RED) project. Interview by DDJ Senior Editor Nick Baran.PLAY XEROX PARC SOFTWARE IN THE 21ST CENTURY RICH GOLD

Quick, What's Your Open Source Strategy? [2000-11-01] (50:00) By Larry Augustin and John Tiberius Hall, VA Linux. Open Source. Once characterized as a renegade movement driven by geeks, it is now a business imperative driven by the need for accelerated software development, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Larry Augustin, founder, president and CEO of VA Linux Systems, and John "Tiberius" Hall, creator of SourceForge, discuss the principles, tools and methods of successful Open Source software development, and how the Open Source development model is fundamentally changing the way companies can realize their strategic business objectives. PLAY OPEN SOURCE LARRY AUGUSTIN VA LINUX SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT 2000 EAST JOHN 'TIBERIUS' HALL

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