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TechNetCast @ Software Development '98

In Class with Bruce Eckel

Sit back and listen to Bruce Eckel as he explains some of the finer points of Java programming. Recorded at Software Development '98 in Washington D.C.

Introduction to the Java Swing Library [PLAY AUDIO]
The Java 1.2 Swing library contains all the components that you've been missing when doing GUI programming in Java: those you expect to see in a modern UI, everything from buttons that contain pictures to trees and grids. It's powerful, but designed to have appropriate complexity for the task at hand. This presentation will give an overview of Swing, emphasizing the ease of use of the library.

Understanding the Java 1.2 Container Library [PLAY AUDIO]
Java 1.2 replaces the original tiny set of containers with a much more complete and functional container library. The design can seem a bit strange at first, but this talk clarifies the library using a group of small, simple examples. You learn the power, flexibility and reusability of collection classes in your programming.

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